सोना विकलांग पुनर्वास एवं शोध संस्थान



The Children expect help and respect from us, our society and the respectable Govt. Its our Naitik and Social Responsibility that for the all round development and respect of these children we must take a pledge by our heart and soul and put on our best efforts. The industrial and economical development of Bhilwara district can be made more vibrant and fluent only by the upliftment of mentally disabled in the society in terms of economical and social development of growth. For this very purpose the institution takes oath and our future aims and schemes are as follows:-

  • Constructing the schools premises and Hostel facilities.
  • Canteen , Library, games room and playground,etc are to be improvised and developed.
  • Providing Hostel facilities to the well equipped and trained faculty.
  • Establishing the Counseling counter,Inquiry counter and employment counter and ensuring their proper running.
  • Establishing Rehabilitation center for the mentally disabled children.
  • Taking this school to the apex position all over India.
  • Putting the Other Schemes made by the institution for the mentally retarded in motion.
  • Creating awareness about various measures for stoppage of Mental retardation at initial stages among the public.

To Fulfill these aims , the State Government allotted the institution about 81,675 sq feet (3Bigha)land on which the construction work has already been pulled off.15 rooms have been going to be introduced now and in future sort of schemes going to be introduced very soon and worked upon. School's Basic Structure Defined here:-

  • 50 Classrooms of size[15*15]feet
  • 1 Hall [for prayer,canteen,cultural programmes.etc]with size of about[40*60]feet
  • 1 Physiotherapy Chamber of size [15*30]feet
  • 1 Speechtherapy Chamber of size [15*15]feet
  • 1 Indoor Games Hall of size [30*40]feet
  • 1 Homescience Chamber of size [15*20]feet
  • 1 Occupational Training Chamber of size [20*30]feet

We humbly need your opinions ,views,advices,guidance,feedback as well as help support for attaining our aim and completing our objectives with flying colors.

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